Driver: San Francisco demo announced with trailer

Three missions available to sample from tomorrow

Ubisoft's announced that a single-player demo of Driver: San Francisco will be released tomorrow for Xbox 360 and PS3.

It'll feature three missions. They are Team Colours, where players shift between cars to finish 1st & 2nd in a race, Escapist, with the objective being to escape the police with a VIP passenger, and Prove It, where players must execute stunts and tricks and flee police.

"The Driver franchise has always been defined by the excitement of high speed chases and the freedom to drive anywhere in huge cities," said Geoffroy Sardin, chief marketing and sales officer at Ubisoft.

"Playing Driver San Francisco is the best way to reveal this unique Driver feeling and we are thrilled gamers will be able to get a taste of why we are so excited about Driver San Francisco's release in September."

Watch the trailer for a visual representation of the above or take a look at the Driver multiplayer trailer from last week to see the game's other half.

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