Free 3DS Wi-Fi at 5,000 UK hotspots

Nintendo pens a deal with The Cloud

Nintendo is to offer 3DS users free Wi-Fi access at 5,000 UK hotspots following a newly signed deal with The Cloud


The Cloud provides Wi-Fi access points across a number of the UK's leading retail and food outlets, including Eat, Pizza Express and a selection of leisure facilities, T3 reports.

"Nintendo 3DS continues to evolve and add new features all the time," said Nintendo UK marketing manager Dawn Paine.

"The Cloud partnership represents another exciting step that will continue to expand its appeal and encourage owners to take their Nintendo 3DS systems with them wherever they go, offering different and unique experiences everyday."

Nintendo will chop around a third off the price of 3DS worldwide this month, following lacklustre sales during its last financial quarter.

[ SOURCE: T3 ]