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Earth Seeker

Welcome to Planet Terraform

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Respiratory needs aside, the biggest threat is the wildlife itself. The first creatures you come across are a race of sentient fly-people who are easily swatted. You then run into some rubberylooking tigers that run fast and hit hard, but are outmatched by your Guardians.

Once you start accepting high-rank quests you run into plasma-spewing millipedes, chickens with stretchy necks, arachnid tanks with arm cannons and a flying manta ray that blasts you with sound waves. And while they aren't nearly as charming as Capcom's finest, they fit the tone of the game perfectly and offer a steady challenge.

If you love Tri's intense real-time combat and the variety offered by its unique weapon classes, then the stop and go menus here may be a bit too relaxed for your tastes. But if you find Monster Hunter's unforgiving nature too demanding, this offers a similar structure of 'kill lesser beast to forge weapon to kill bigger beast', but without the hardcore multiplayer focus.


Indeed, you could almost accuse Earth Seeker of being Monster Hunter: Lite, but by diversifying the formula with RPG elements, Funamizu and his team have crafted a game that offers something eerily familiar yet undeniably different.

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The verdict

Comparisons are unavoidable, and personally we'd rather play Tri any day. But as a good competitor, Earth Seeker offers a less punishing alternative

  • World teeming with surreal life
  • Plenty of strategic depth
  • Functional rather than groundbreaking
  • Pausing action detracts from the combat
Nintendo Wii
Action, Adventure