Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival - Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 44 screenshots from the latest footage

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You can also see that there's an option to share money with your partner in these terminal boxes.


But who will we be unloading all of this firepower into? A few different types of enemies show up throughout the trailer the most interesting being the attack dog (complete with bomb) and the familiar Juggernaut coming in at wave 12.

Some people might frown at the inclusion of the Juggernaut, his relentless trudging and his heavy armour but it's when he arrives on the scene that we see some co-op tactics at play.


The trailer actually switches between the points of view of two players, one of which is using a riot shield to absorb the Juggernaut's attacks and draw him to one side while player 2 pelts the big man with bullets.

A bit dumb on the AI's part? Maybe, but it's fairly standard stuff and let's not start judging on two seconds of footage. We're pleased to see some real teamwork at least.

We've highlighted some other interesting details in the screenshots below (the player score comparison after every wave, for example) but it's a short scene right at the end of the trailer that will provide a real talking point.


Not only does it show the player using a very cool new folding machine gun (the FMG9) and what looks like it could be a booby trapped objective point, but it looks completely different to the rest of the footage.

The full colour map, the perks gauge and toggle system in the bottom right hand corner and the word 'Winning' in green letters on the left suggest this is actually from a Team Deathmatch.

Either that or a Charlie Sheen mode.

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