Mad Catz to re-release Rock Band 3

Peripheral maker scoops republishing duties for new bundles

In a rather suprising move, peripheral firm Mad Catz has picked up publishing rights to Rock Band 3 and will re-release the music game later this year.


It will, of course, be bundling the game with its own instruments, the Wireless Keyboard Controller, Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller and the scarily realistic Wireless Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller.

Mad Catz clearly sees life in the genre which both Activision and EA have abandoned this year. Harmonix confirmed it won't release a Rock Band 4 this year, while Activision announced the indefinite discontinuation of its Guitar Hero and DJ Hero series back in February, blaming a major decline in the music genre's popularity since its peak in the late 2000s.

Although it makes no mention of dates or platforms in the press release, Mad Catz has told Joystiq that it can only confirm a re-release for Xbox 360. But more bundle details - and, we hope, a possible PS3 launch - are still to be confirmed.