Sony offers mugged London riots victim free PSP and games

Good prevails as publisher joins public effort to help Ashraf Haz

Sony has offered a free PSP and games to a man who was videoed being mugged for his console during the London riots earlier this week.


Sony Europe marketing director Alan Duncan revealed the move in the comments section of a website set up to "do something nice for Ashraf Haziq", offering to replace the 20-year-old's PSP that was taken from his bag.

In a video (below) that appalled the nation, looters were seen to steal the system from Haziq's bag as he stood bleeding in the street.

"I'm the marketing director for PlayStation UK," Duncan posted under the username 'albinolove33'. "[We'd] like to give him a new PSP and games. Let me know the best way of getting in touch with Ashraf or the hospital. Thanks."

Sony is also one of the many victims of the London riots. A Sony warehouse in Enfield was set ablaze late on Monday night as unrest swept the capital.

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[ SOURCE: SomethingNiceForAshraf ]