First Sniper Elite V2 trailer shows 'unique kill cam'

AvP studio Rebellion aims for 'brutal realism'

505 Games and Rebellion have sent CVG the first Sniper Elite V2 trailer.


Coming from the studio behind Aiens vs Predator, Sniper Elite V2 features a unique 'kill cam', which rewards a 'good' shot by getting as close as possible to the impact to show just how devastating a sniper's bullet can be. Pretty devastating it turns out.

505 president Ian Howe is tipping Sniper Elite V2 to be "the most brutally realistic military sharpshooter out there on the market" and, if it turns out anything like the trailer below, he could be right.

Following the bullet along its path, the cam eventually switches to slow motion X-ray detail to show its actual effects on the target's skeleton and organs.

The kill cam rewards good gameplay but is also built to "reinforce the chilling impact of the sniper on the battlefields of World War Two."

See for yourself:

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"We're really excited by the new teaser trailer for Sniper Elite V2," says Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley.

"It gives a sneak peek at the kind of action you can expect from the game, as well as the chance to see what makes it so unique.

"This is no 'run and gun' game and you have to be strategic, take your time and think problems through rather than go in all guns blazing - exactly what made the original Sniper Elite such a great game."

"The kill cam is both a big part of Sniper Elite's gameplay and a major technical challenge - recreating in exacting detail the effect of a bullet on the human body," added Rebellion CTO Chris Kingsley.

"This is just a glimpse for now, but we know fans of the original Sniper Elite will be thrilled to see we've taken what made Sniper Elite such a hit and built on it."

Sniper Elite V2 was revealed back in April with its first screen and a 2012 release.