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Aliens Colonial Marines 'a very accessible experience'

It would be "really hard to flank an alien", says Gearbox

Aliens Colonial Marines is being designed to be "a very accessible experience", according to Gearbox.


"I would say that it's an easy leap to say, hey, these are the guys who made Brothers in Arms, they're likely going to have squad control and those kind of things," studio co-founder Brian Martel told OXM. "The issue with that is that it's really hard to flank an alien."

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford added: "We actually wanted it to be a very accessible experience. The goal is not to have complicated interfaces, we're not worrying about having things like squad command, you don't need fire manoeuvres... there's no manoeuvring on an alien."

Last month, Pitchford suggested the game had been announced too early, a move which led to some fan unrest after we went so long without getting any new info on it. "We hadn't even written the first line of code when the announcement happened, and I think it's because we were so excited and thrilled that this was going to happen," he admitted.

Colonial Marines was re-announced ahead of this year's E3. Speaking in the re-reveal, Sega Europe's senior VP of marketing Gary Knight promised the shooter will be "THE definitive Aliens gaming experience."