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Renegade Ops: 'The market is both exciting and scary right now'

Pt 2: Avalanche on digital downloads and the future of the console...

We launched the first half of our interview with Avalanche's Axel Lindberg yesterday covering the basics of Renegade Ops.

If you're late to the action, that's the triple-A, digitally downloadable, top-down arcade shooter you'll soon be able to snap up for a cool £9.99 (1200 MS points) from PSN, XBLA and Steam.

In this second part, we continue our chat with Lindberg about the game, the future of digital download and what the studio has planed for the platform.


In terms of the post launch support for Renegade Ops, do you have DLC planned already? How will the game evolve post release, are you planning more sequels?

As it is right now, we're mostly trying to get the best game ever out of the door, I know that sounds like a completely clichéd answer but it's actually the God's honest truth.

We're really just trying to fix every little bug we find that's in there and I know there are going to be some announcements in the coming week in regards to any potential added content that will be coming in and around launch so that's probably not too far off.

Renegade Ops is coming to PSN, Xbox Live and Steam, it was a bit too late for the Wii U, which will obviously be one of the big contenders soon, have you had any insight into the online structure there and could we see the game on that platform in the future?

Purely platform wise, yeah, I think the Wii U is very interesting and I'd be very interested to work on that console. I think that it's really cool what they're doing, but we have no definite plans set right now. But it's certainly an interesting prospect.

Considering the massive releases coming in the next couple of months, are you quietly pleased that you're not releasing a triple-A box copy game at the moment because of the competition?

I'm not sure on a company level but personally, both as a gamer and a game designer I always believe that if you make a game that you really believe in, and it's really really good, then the release date doesn't matter.

It's really more about marketing and about getting noticed. I think there's been proof where people have made games and flipped everyone's expectations on their head. I think Minecraft, which is an extreme example but still, that's a very good example that it does still happen.

Assuming that Renegade Ops is a success, how much of a part do you think that downloadable games will play in Avalanche's future? Will you be investing in more projects like this in the future?


Yes I definitely think so. I think we'll definitely continue with digital downloads, it's very different, very fun, and once again it's a very nice deviation from the big projects.

I'd say it was a good way for teams to get a new boost of energy and also, some of us just want to do games that draw a lot of inspiration from older games like old arcade games and stuff like that so yes, I definitely think so.

Where do you think digital downloads are going to be heading? A lot of people are talking about the next-gen consoles, and Avalanche has already been quite vocal about what it expects. Do you think digital downloads will grow and almost become the place to be rather than a sort of side platform?

Well, I think that right now it's both exciting and scary at the same time because we have the big triple-A box products and we have the downloadable console games and we also have the iPad and iPhone, which are kind of doing their own thing and we also have free2play, which a lot of people are talking about that now as well.

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