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Saints Row: The Third: 8-minute video shows entire mission

THQ shows off a full and pretty mental mission ahead of Gamescom

THQ isn't waiting for any German games convention - it's showing you Saints Row: The Third NOW. Below is an eight-minute official video showing off the second mission, Freefalling, and it's pretty nuts.


The publisher offers some back story: "International celebrities, media magnates, and notorious crime lords... the Third Street Saints are an empire, and it didn't take the Syndicate long to notice. After the Saints rob a Syndicate-owned bank, the Syndicate springs its trap, capturing you and chief lieutenants Johnny Gat and Shaundi. On board a Syndicate jet, its leader makes you an offer, an offer you can't help but refuse."

It goes on: "In Freefalling, the second mission in Saints Row: The Third, fight your way through the jet, skydive over Steelport in an aerial battle royale, shoot out the cockpit of an attacking jet, steal a parachute, and finally catch Shaundi before she drops into Steelport, literally."

THQ has confirmed that UK gamers will be able to get their hands on Saints Row: The Third if they make it to GAMEfest, which will take place from the 16-18 September 2011 at the Birmingham NEC.

720p this bad boy.

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