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Nintendo 3DS price cut is go - Can you beat £115?

High street goes to war as UK handheld slashed

The Nintendo 3DS price cut is now in effect in the UK, with many retailers having chopped around a third off the previous £230 asking price.


A number of retailers jumped the gun yesterday by pre-emptively dropping their prices and kicking off another price war in the process.

The 3DS is available at Morisson's for £120, while Tesco has dropped it down to £115, which is currently the lowest price around.

Curry's and PC World have said they will price-match any store located within a 30 mile radius by cutting a further 10 percent off the price. Which means you'll be able to pick up a 3DS for around £100 at any Curry's or PC world with a Tesco nearby.

Earlier today Amazon dropped its price to match Tesco. We expect others will now likely follow.

As ever, if you spot anywhere selling Nintendo 3DS hardware for less than the above listings, let us know in the comments below.

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