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Angry Birds skips Facebook launch for Google+

Rovio picks search giant despite prior plans for Facebook release

Earlier this year Angry Birds developer Rovio said it intended to launch its mobile hit on Facebook by May, but in a change of policy today Google+ has become the first social networking site to host the record-breaking app.


It could be considered a massive smash and grab from Google then, getting one over Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook in the race to reap the rewards of web-based gaming.

The Google+ version of Angry Birds boasts new features on top of the standard mobile experience, as was planned for the Facebook version.

"Angry Birds on Google+ is an ongoing HTML 5 project that lets users share game updates with friends, participate in leaderboards, brag about their achievements, unlock special social levels, and invite people to play," Rovio said in a statement.

"Following its successful mobile gaming strategy, Rovio will continually bring in exciting new features based on user feedback."

"Angry Birds for Google+ Games is a great start," Rovio CEO Mikael Hed added. "But it's just our first step in social gaming.

"As our fans know, we constantly look for ways to update and innovate our products. We want to delight our users by going way beyond what they were expecting. Social gaming is going to be massive, and we're very excited about what we have coming up next."

Angry Birds was quietly delayed on Facebook meaning that the physics-based catapult game could well still hit the platform in the future.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]