GTA V: What Rockstar should do next

And why it isn't what you think...

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If this all sounds a bit serious, the good news is we're expecting GTA V to be crammed with real-world celebrities. After the low-key voice cast of GTA IV, we're sure they'd love to shock everyone with the starriest A-list line-up ever, and what better time than now - when they've got MotionScan? L.A. Noire's tech makes acting possible.

If celebrities know they're going to look good - and not like meat puppets - they'll be more likely to sign up for what could be the landmark moment in 2012 pop culture.

More? Imagine if GTA V were to cast an actor of the gravitas of Robert De Niro. Yes, the same Robert De Niro who's founder of the Tribeca Film Festival. The same film festival that showed off a videogame for the first time in history, back in April. That game? L.A. Noire. Rockstar's L.A. Noire. It's a tenuous link, but... but.


So. They've got scope to break from the rags-to-riches standard but still tell a classic, action-packed cops versus criminals tale, now from at least two viewpoints that might lead into a co-op mode of some sorts, right? And they've got scope to intersect it with broad societal issues - the role of celebrity, the new breed of TV quacks, social network pioneers and everything else by setting it in one of the stupidest, flashiest, most alluring places on Earth.

Rockstar have registered domain names for CashForDeadDreams. com, SixFigureTemps.com and StopPayingYourMortgage.com, doing little to dispel the postrecession satire theory. Another domain, HammersteinFaust.com smacks of investment bankers Goldman Sachs, while LifeInvader. net sounds suspiciously like a social network akin to Facebook.

Circumstantial, all of it. But it's a lot of circumstance to ignore. So, there we go. It's an intoxicating and downright believable theory, don't you think? And goddamn, is it commercial. And edgy. And pioneering... y'know, like Rockstar tend to be.

If we're wrong, it's still the kind of exciting thing Rockstar could - and should - do. Of course GTA V might still end up set in London. Or Vice City. Or just behind a quasar in deep space. But, hey, if - or when we're right and you first clap eyes on the Hollywood sign in what will be the most hotly-anticipated teaser trailer of the last few millennia, try not to forget who joined all the dots in the first place.

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