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3DS free Ambassador game features detailed

How NES and GBA freebies will work

Nintendo of Europe has detailed the features 3DS Ambassadors can look forward to finding in the crop of free NES and GBA Virtual Console games that they'll be gifted next month.


The first batch of NES games will be available to Ambassadors from September 1 and have been described as "priority delivery" versions of the games.

This means the games will include a basic electronic manual detailing controls, alternating multiplayer allowing two people take turns on one system, and a VC Suspend function that saves the game when the home button is pressed so it can be resumed later.

These games will be released officially on the eShop at a later date with new features. Amassadors will be able to update their titles for free.

The new features will include a 'complete' electronic manual detailing all gameplay features and modes, simultaneous multiplayer on multiple systems in games that support it such as Ice Climbers, and a Restore Point function.

Ten Game Boy Advance games will be made available later in the year and will be exclusive to Ambassadors. Unlike the other games there won't be Suspend or Restore Point functionality, however any game with a game save feature will work as normal and the 3DS won't go into sleep mode when closed.

Nintendo will be releasing a firmware update later in the year to allow the transfer of the NES and GBA games to a different Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS price cut is now in effect in the UK, with many retailers having chopped around a third off the previous asking price.