'LA Noire is both overrated and underrated'

Mailbox: LA Noire is shown some love and then taken to task

On last week's mailbox Grant Clover e-mailed Xbox World 360 to ask if Microsoft is in a position to compete after Nintendo's latest trend-setting home console.


This week Grant is back, this time e-mailing CVG directly to say he thinks the 'detecting' part of LA Noir could have done with a little attention paid to its fidelity.

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Before I start, I must say that I absolutely adore L.A. Noire and have great respect for what it's doing and everything it does.

This is how it stands; I am walking around a crime scene, looking for clues to progress in my case, and all I am doing is clicking the A button every time I come up to an object that stands out when juxtaposed to the environment.

It's like playing Bioshock all over again, just going up to everything and frantically whacking the controller, desperate to hit any context sensitive item that comes into your reach. Every time I am doing this, I am wishing the game was set in first person.

Maybe not the whole game, but just the sections you are looking at every detail. Like the detective parts in Batman: Arkham Asylum, you would be able to scour your environment with more precision and notice smaller items, such as a bullet casing on the floor, a lot more easily - rather than stumbling around every edge of the room waiting for the controller to vibrate in your hand.

Maybe I am wrong, but I feel this would have improved a game that is, in my opinion, both overrated and underrated in many areas.

CVG says: For some of us here the evidence hunting aspect of LA Noire felt like a huge chore. Although the game did lend a helping hand by playing a little jingle and making the controller vibrate when a clue was nearby, it also made the experience a little bit mindless.

We found ourselves callously bouncing around each crime scene stopping only when it prompted by the game. It could definitely have been done in a much more engaging, elegant way.

We like the idea of a Batman or Metroid Prime type mechanic to sniff out key bits of information, maybe they'll think about it for LA Noire 2. If that ever gets made.