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Secret Xbox blockbuster reboot set for reveal - but what is it?

OXM UK set to feature "one of the best games ever made reborn"

A secret triple-A title set to be 'reborn' on Xbox 360 will feature in an upcoming issue of OXM UK, it has been confirmed.


The mysterious title, which was originally due to be shown in OXM's March issue before a delay, will now finally appear in its issue out September 30.

OXM UK editor Jon Hicks told CVG: "I've been discussing it with the publisher ever since the reveal was pushed back, and I'm delighted that it's finally ready to be seen.

"Unfortunately we aren't doing the official reveal any more, as our on-sale dates don't match up, but we will have exclusive access to the game and the studio making it."

The elusive reboot was previously described as "One of the best games ever made reborn on Xbox 360."

Those words came from OXM's February next month page, which looked slightly futuristic - possibly science fiction-esque.

That doesn't really narrow it down too much in the world of video games, but you can speculate away regardless. What do you reckon it could be, readers?