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Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC version 'is the one you should play' - dev

PC development team bigs up its version, admits bias

The PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution "really is the version you should play".


That's the opinion of Jurjen Katsman, founder of Nixxes Software, the developer behind the PC version of Human Revolution.

Katsman is the first to admit his bias, but he's also enthusiastic about listing the little details he feels make the PC version that bit superior.

"First off, Nixxes developed a DX11 renderer that is used on the PC, when available," he told GameSpy.

"We did leverage this by adding several features you will see when you have DX11 hardware on your PC: real-time tessellation, improved Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, improved blurs and depth of field.

"We also added custom support for AMD's Eyefinity (multiple monitors), and 3DHD," he added. "On another note, the user interface has been tailored for the keyboard, and mouse controls can be fully customized for your gaming habits.

"My favourite feature on PC would be the ability to extend your view with Eyefinity as it really adds depth to the experience. This is really something everyone needs to try.

"We are obviously a little biased, but for us here at Nixxes, the PC version really is the version you should play. The extra depth you get from 3D or EyeFinity, and the extra crispness of the enhanced resolution, effects, and frame-rate, really give you superior visuals.

"And the speed and accuracy that you get from playing with mouse and keyboard compared with a gamepad, at least for me personally, makes it a pretty easy choice," Katsman concluded.

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[ SOURCE: GameSpy ]