3DS EU eShop update: Urban Champion

Latest 3DS and DSi downloads detailed

Nintendo has released new digital titles for the 3DS and DSi. Here's what the latest update includes...


This week's big game is a remastered 3D version of Urban Champion. Here's what Nintendo's official description has to say about it:

"Force your opponents into submission and down open manholes, by blocking, punching and dodging your way through. Watch out for the angry neighbours, however, as they will try and drop flower pots right onto your head."

Here's the full update list:

  • 3D Classics Urban Champion: Nintendo 3DS - €5
  • My Asian Farm: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi - €2/200 Points
  • Moto eXtreme: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi - €8/800 Points
  • Flight Control: Nintendo Wii - 500 Points

Last week's update included classic top-down shooter Xevious.