Borderlands 2 missions 'three times bigger in scope'

Gearbox promises a "more dynamic experience" for sequel

Borderlands 2's story missions will be "more dynamic" and "three times the scope" of those in the original game, developer Gearbox has promised.


Game designer Paul Hellquist says the sequel, announced earlier this month, will feature plenty more twists and turns in its mission objectives than the original game.

"The story missions in Borderlands 2 are about three times the scope of a single story mission in the first game. And they twist and turn throughout; your gameplay is changing, your goals are changing... it will be a much more dynamic experience compared to last time."

Hellquist told US retail mag Game Informer his studio is well aware of criticism of the original game's story and it's working to improve the plot for number two.

"Lots of fans and critics gave us the business on the story. When we took a look at what we had done last time, we said, 'we can do way better than that'," he said.

"So story has been, from the very first day, one of the most important things that we wanted to improve in Borderlands 2."

According to 2K, the sequel will be released in the twelve months that follow April 1, 2012 - the beginning of parent company Take-Two's financial year.

The first Borderlands 2 details arrived via GI last week.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]