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Football Manager 2012: 'Our competition is ourselves'

SI boss Miles Jacobson talks revolutionary new features and Football Manager in the future...

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It's a difficult position for any developer to be. Basically I would like nothing more than to not have to put any DRM onto my titles ever and to allow people to freely make copies and back-ups of discs to their heart's content.

Unfortunately there are dishonest people in the world who would take advantage, who would sell copied versions of the game, who would give those copies of the game away to their mates who haven't bought it and I do believe that people who make games should be paid for work that they're doing.

In a perfect world there'd be no DRM. We don't live in a perfect world.

Football Manager was successful on the PSP, have you had a chance to have a look at the Vita yet and see if you want to put a version on there as well?


I actually haven't, which might sound bit weird because we have been so successful on the PSP but no we haven't really had a look at it. We've still got a PSP game coming out this year and we've got the iPhone game coming out but we've never been ones to be early adopters.

I think we've probably got some dev kit somewhere. Our tech team has probably got the dev kit but as an actual platform for the game I haven't looked at it at all.

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