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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer gameplay trailer

Check out Conflict, the upcoming shooter's objective based team deathmatch

Ubisoft has sent over a new Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer focusing on the game's multiplayer component.

Multiplayer creative director Tommy Jacob narrates the gameplay footage, confirming the shooter will feature four multiplayer modes, all of which are objective based to encourage teamwork. This trailer focuses specifically on Conflict, which is the game's team deathmatch mode.

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Ubisoft UK brand manager Matt Benson said in July that Ghost Recon has been too "dry" in the past and has learnt to be more "intuitive and fun". He added: "We're not competing directly with Call of Duty and Battlefield, we're not. Let's let those guys duke it out this side of Christmas. For me, post-Christmas, Future Soldier is the kind of game that changes the tempo slightly. It's not a twitch shooter."

You'll be able to sample the tempo of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier when the beta is released in January.