Sony GamesCom 2011 Press Conference - LIVE NOW

Commentary starts at 6pm BST

Sony's GamesCom 2011 press conference is set to kick off at 18:00 BST tonight and naturally, we'll have it fully covered right here in as we live blog every announcement along with our expert analysis.


We're expecting to see more from the Vita as well as some new releases, along with highly anticipated exclusives like Uncharted 3 on the main console.

We could even see some PS3 hardware announcements considering Sony revealed a new SKU at GamesCom last year. Will Sony slash prices following Nintendo's Wii U reveal after all?

Check back at 6pm BST for CVG's live commentary as events unfold.

Live blog (Hit F5 for updates):

Okay we're in. It's a bad start we're afraid. Some ladies in striped dresses shouted at us because we didn't sit in the right seats. Sad face.

Looks like most people are getting shouted at upon entry. Feel better.

So, what are you lot hoping to see from Sony this time?

Fingers crossed for a few more Vita announcements.

We always look forward to the latest Uncharted 3 footage as well.

Don't forget to chat in the comments section below.

Everything looks on target for the 7pm kick-off. 6pm back home.

It's filling up.

Legendeer in the house! And by house we mean comments section.

Okay 7pm target missed. We're leaving.

Only kidding.

Where are you Sony? Where. Are. You?

Andrew House due to kick things off. He's the European boss, but will next month become president of THE WORLD. As in, Sony Computer Entertainment International.

Sony is apologising for the delays. They might also want to apologise for the PS3 price cut that has leaked. More on that in a sec in the news section.

Media briefing starts very shortly. Hoo. Woo. Not necessarily in that order.

Please can you make sure your mobiles are switched to silent. That includes you.

Vita's the "ultimate portable gaming experience" apparently. A bit like PSP?

House is in the House.

I like his little beard.

Sony "take the musings of imagination and make them real". I imagine a global security hack. OH MY GOD HE'S RIGHT.

Talking up PSN. Mubi, Vidzone etc. Straight outta the blocks. Over seven million songs on the service.

'3D delivering a quality to immersive gameplay that's unprecedented".

House talking about his big move to Sony International. Introducing Jim Ryan, the new SCEE boss. We hope he has a competitive beard.

There is no beard. But we have a triple whammy: (a) The shiny shirt (b) The strident stance, legs far apart, back straight (c) Not one, but TWO, open shirt buttons. That's one in the eye to the corporate shills.

Vita, social connectivity, 3G - we're onto models.

Near is a bit like Streetpass, Party allows voice chat, Live Area allows "constant interaction". None of these things are setting our world alight - but Twitter, Facebook and Skype is a nice touch.

Groovy blue video all about connectivity. Or 'the phone stuff that's not phoning'.

Michael Denny now. He's good. Sadly, just one button undone. Talking about the importance of dual sticks in portable gaming. Lesson learnt.

Nihilistic coming on stage. Resistance: Burning Skies created with Insomniac. FPS.

Set before Resistance 2. New hero: Tom Riley, a fireman. He has an axe. A fire axe.

Alt fire rockets, iron-sighting - it's a console FPS!

Cover exists - can be controlled automatically or by tilting the Vita.

Front and rear cameras. We're into Invizimals territory. The conference is fizzling so far.

Wow - this man likes to shout.

"Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhh! Five hit combo from Jim."

Textbook stuff.

Escape Plan announced for Vita. 'Limbo with hot air' tag secured.

FIFA also coming to Vita in 2012.

A... new... PSP? 99 Euros. But. A... New... PSP?


Move fitness announced. Sony after a slice of the pie. And then the calorie-burning workout that follows.

Diversity dancing about now. Funky stuff. Dance Star Party.

New Resistance 3 trailer coming in. Nice. Pretty pretty.

Infamous 2: Festival Of Blood. Gottta have a zombie extension.

Naughty Dog on stage. Uncharted 3 now. The good times are a'rolling.

Indy-esque fight with a big man on a plane.

Biggest cheer of the night so far.

499 Euros for PlayStation 3D TV - has 'Simulview' as shown at E3. Steely silence to price point announcement.

House back to drop PS3's price. 249 Euros - same price as Vita. Good stuff.

And goodnight.