Gaming's angriest ever characters

Characters that love to feel the rage...

Everyone gets angry; most people just keep it to themselves. You may occasionally snap at a co-worker or go home and weep into a pillow, but you rarely take action.

This list concerns those who do - the characters who allay their rage with violent fury. And there's a difference between anger and villainy. You might think folk like Dr Robotnik or Liquid Snake should be on this list, but they're more evil than angry. It celebrates those whose blood boils and veins pop.

The seething, shivering balls of ill-temper who are constantly teetering on the edge of sanity, and who could go off at any moment. They don't bottle up and explode; they explode, smash the bottle against a wall and go for your neck with it.


Game: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Rage scale: Nuclear
Why's she so angry?: As a young girl Raven was captured by soldiers during a war in Indonesia and imprisoned in a cage with the other children from the village. The soldiers abandoned the kids and left them to rot. As they died, their remains were eaten by ravens, but she managed to survive.

Angriest moments: She was 'smothered by an unfathomable rage' and when the ravens approached her cage she tore them apart. She then escaped, tracked down the soldiers and killed them under cover of darkness. In MGS4 she's hired by Liquid Ocelot and promised that killing Snake will allow her to make peace with herself. It doesn't though, because Snake kills her. She's probably the sexiest on this list too, although very much damaged goods.


Game: Scarface: The World is Yours
Rage scale: Furious
Why's he so angry?: At the end of the movie, Tony is shot in the back by a shotgun-toting henchman of drug boss Alejandro Sosa. But in the game you get to spin around and kill him, escaping your mansion as Sosa's men and the Miami PD come after you. Tony loses everything - his money, his homes, his businesses - and is left destitute and in hiding. He's not a happy man.

Angriest moments: After laying low for a few months Tony returns and swears vengeance on Sosa. He gets his mansion back, builds another crime empire and spends millions of dollars on ludicrous '80s home furnishings. Rather than rely on henchmen, he takes matters into his own hands and single-handedly murders thousands of gangsters with the help of the genius 'swear button' and a selection of giant guns.


Game: Silent Hill
Rage scale: Furious
Why's she so angry?: Because her mother trapped her in a burning house as a sacrifice for an evil god. She became a mother to the foul beast, carrying it inside her in an embryonic state. This rubs her up the wrong way and she becomes consumed by rage.

Angriest moments: In a fit of rage Alessa totally transforms the town of Silent Hill. She's the reason it's so messed up. Every monster in the first game is a manifestation of things she was afraid of as a child: nurses, cockroaches, vicious dogs and so on. She also forces your character, Harry, to trek through the hospital and school for the same reason, as those places hold a special, dark significance for her.

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