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FIFA 13 gets Move support

Motion controls confirmed for EA's next footy sim

EA will be including support for Sony's Move controller in next year's footy sim, FIFA 13.


So confirmed SCEE moments ago to attendees of its Gamescom 2011 press conference, offering absolutely no further details as to how the motion controller will play its part in the game.

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The announcement came - and swiftly passed - almost as if to be a last-minute 'me too' response to confirmation last week that FIFA 13 will be Kinect-compatible.

FIFA lead producer David Rutter was quoted saying: "Since the Kinect came out, or the very first announcement almost two years ago, we've been asked, 'Will you have Kinect support?', and we've always said, 'Not until we can get something cool and makes sense working'."

He added: "Now that's the case and that's going to be next year, so it's just a case of finishing that off now."

So, motion controlled footy all round next year then. This should be interesting.