Crytek's Warface confirmed for Western release in 2012

Free-to-play shooter no longer exclusive to Asian markets

Crytek has confirmed that its free-to-play, online FPS Warface will arrive in Western markets next year.


The PC military shooter, which is powered by CryEngine 3, was previously only confirmed for release in Asian markets.

"With Warface we aim to become the next-gen of free-to-play shooters that are en par with traditional AAA games in terms of quality," said Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli.

"We have the team and technology to make it happen and are starting with a strong partner in Asia to ensure we gain experience with the free to play business model. It's the next logical step for us to bring this new IP to a global audience and thus to our worldwide community."

Warface will have a near future setting and an extensive, constantly updating player versus environment universe "full of dramatic multiplayer co-op missions" and "a full set of class-based PVP".

Have a look at the only Warface video we've had so far, which was released in December last year.