Dragon Quest VIII: Why it's the best game on the PS2

A look back at Level 5's excellent JRPG...

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We could sit here and gush like a geyser over twenty more pages of Dragon Quest VIII and it still wouldn't be enough space to talk about everything we'd like. We're also aware that a majority of you reading this still won't bother to play this genuine classic but even though we want to call you idiots, and shake you until you realise what you're missing we can really only say one thing... try it.

Some websites are selling it for less than a fiver, which is a steal for so many quality hours of game time. We're glad we managed to get involved. In fact, we'll admit right here that this game cemented a long-term relationship for one team member and his lady-friend (and she hates games).

So while your Metal Gear Solids, Grand Theft Autos and God of Wars are worthy of their places in PlayStation 2 folklore, just remember that Dragon Quest VIII will keep you hooked long after those games have stabbed, shot and sneaked their way out of your life.

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