MS: Kinect can dominate Christmas again

Platform holder confident big brands will sell motion sensor

Kinect can break records again this Christmas, with the help of big brands such as Disney and Star Wars.


That's according to Microsoft marketing director Michael Johnson, who reckons the 360 motion sensor can top the huge success of last Christmas.

He told CVG at GamesCom: "We think we can [top last Christmas] because this year what we're trying to do is a combination of continuing to innovate and have new things, plus big IP like Disney and Star Wars.

"By bringing in new entertainment properties it makes it so that we're not just going after the hardcore gamer - we have great games for them - but we're not just going after the broad customer either. We have a full range of experiences for the full range of customers.

"There could be a very near future where somebody buys an Xbox 360 just for entertainment - because using your voice to engage with entertainment is something that they want to have."

Pressed if Microsoft has more big brands in the pipeline for the motion sensor, Johnson replied simply, "yes".