New Xbox Dashboard video demos voice controls

Microsoft shows off upcoming dashboard update

Microsoft has released a video that shows off the new Xbox 360 dashboard update expected this autumn.


The video focuses on the firm's aim to make media navigation easy via the voice control technology in Kinect and the search capabilities of Bing on Xbox. It's also one of the few times the company has showed off the new-look menu system, which appears to scrap a lot of the fancy graphics for a more straight-to-the-point boxy format.

In an accompanying blog post, MS said, "At Microsoft, we believe there's also a shift underway in how consumers access and control this ever-growing avalanche of TV shows, sports programming, movies, online videos, video games, music and more. At E3, we dropped a few hints regarding how we plan to enhance and expand the entertainment options available to consumers."

It went on: "Our philosophy is pretty simple: All the entertainment you want, with the people you care about, made easy... This video brings that philosophy to life, while showing off what the combination of Xbox, Kinect, Bing and voice recognition can do for your entertainment experience.

"Thanks to Bing, Kinect and our voice recognition technology, we envision a future where the words "Hey, where's the remote?" are as outdated as eight-track tapes and rotary telephones."

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MS recently updated it's the Xbox dashboard to incorporate PayPal support and compatibility with its new disc format among other things.