New PSM3 on sale now with huge Modern Warfare 3 and FIFA 12 exclusives

Plus: Why are games so scared of sex? And: Is Nathan Drake the bad guy in Uncharted?

The latest issue of PSM3 is on sale now, with Modern Warfare 3 as its cover star. But this isn't just another simpering love-in for the world's most popular FPS franchise - that's not how we do things on the smarter, new-look PSM3. You aready know whether you're going to buy MW3 or not, so in our feature we look at the game from six different perspectives: from the journalist who has seen new gameplay footage, to the analyst who sees Call of Duty as a cultural phenomenon, through to the players who have become addicted to its fiercely fought online modes.

It's the only Modern Warfare 3 feature you need to read this year.

What's inside the new look PSM3?

Elsewhere in the mag we ask: why are game so scared of sex, and is it holding them back? We also spend 24 hours with near finished FIFA 12 code to deliver a monster verdict on every aspect of the game. There are reviews of Deus Ex Human Revolution, and the PSN cult-hit Limbo, as well as previews of Aliens Colonial Marines, Battlefield 3, BioShock Infinite and loads more.

Inside our new Primer section we investigate whether free PSN is coming to an end, and offer you the chance to win an incredible home cinema system and a copy of the complete Star Wars saga on Blu-ray. Yes, that does come with the Phantom Menace - sorry.

We wrap things up with our new Upgrade section which offers smarter gaming tips to help you smash every last Trophy from your games. Want to know how to drive like a pro in DiRT 3, master the Infiltrator class in Killzone 3, or even how to start your own successful games blog? Look no further.

Outside the mag there's a genuinely lovely Resistance 3 poster featuring collector's edition artwork by Olly Moss, and our action-packed PSM3 HD disc featuring fully hi-def trailers of all the big games. It's quite a package.

PSM3 issue 144 is available in all good newsagents and supermarkets for £4.99.

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