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Lumines: Why it's still the best game on PSP

A look back at the PSP's finest puzzle game...

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The game only loads once, briefly, between each level, so the UMD drive isn't whirring away like an angle grinder in your hand as you play. This conveniently also maximises your PSP's battery life for those mammoth high score attempts when you find yourself dangerously far away from the safety of your mains plug adaptor.

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As a tech demo of PSP's screen brightness, sound processing and controls, then, there's nothing better. Man and machine become one when playing Lumines. Which is a good thing, as when you start to improve games can last for well over an hour and a half - making it the perfect foil for long journeys.

It's not the sort of game that gives you space to breathe, though. Go 12 rounds with Lumines and you'll be left with cramp, pins and needles and a stiff neck. But it's definitely worth it - a hunched back and withered claws are signs of a Lumines master. Get it.

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