Crytek: PSP, DS 'losing ground on tablets'

"I think they have to be more innovative," says CEO Cevat Yerli

The boss of Crysis developer Crytek thinks a lack of innovation means dedicated handheld consoles are "losing ground" to multifunctional tablets devices.


As well as saying the studio has no "short-term" interest in developing for PS Vita, Cevat Yerli told "I can see that the multifunctions that devices like tablets offer is a big advantage of them. And I think people want one mobile device that can do multiple things.

"Considering this, I think those handhelds are lacking in that area and they are losing ground, actually. I think they have to be more innovative."

Yerli's comments echo those of UFC Trainer developer Heavy Iron Studios, which said earlier this week it thinks PS Vita is headed for a doomed launch as consumers are no longer willing to pay for single-function gaming devices.

Late last month, EA also warned Sony and Nintendo that their portable gaming businesses are under increasing pressure from mobiles and tablets.