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CVG's Site of The Week: Reaper Gaming

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Last week we gave a nod of recognition to PC Gamer for its stellar news coverage, essential reviews and features with a twist.


This week we're putting Reaper Gaming on the CVG Site of the Week podium for all to see.

Four years since its birth, Reaper Gaming is run by a team of six enthusiasts based in the UK and Ireland.

Three members of the team previously worked on one of Ireland's most successful national Gaming TV programmes 'Game On' and its newest member David Ryan (aka Doc) worked as a professional games journalist for several UK based publications and is now a full-time news journalist.

Conceived almost a decade ago, what started out as a hobby is now an obsession for the chaps at Reaper Gaming with the site gaining a strong following in America and the UK.

We sat down with Reaper Gaming's founder and chief editor, David Brennan, to find out more:

What sets Reaper Gaming apart from other sites?
Here at Reaper Gaming we like to think honesty and humour are our greatest assets. We say it like it is, regardless of the consequences. The reader is our most important concern, not a games publisher, developer or console/PC manufacturer.

Most of all we have a genuine passion for all things gaming related, we do this because we love it. In the early days the site was lucky to get a dozen people a week but it didn't matter, we believed in what we were doing and now that belief is starting to pay off.

All of our six man team are in their thirties and have been gaming since childhood - with such experience and diversity we feel that we are in a good position to advise gamers on the coming trends and on what is worth watching out for in the future, we have a pretty good success rate in this area.

We don't see ourselves in competition with other gaming sites, quite the opposite. We feel that we are part of a global gaming alliance and as such happily promote other gaming related events and publications for the greater good of the reader and industry at large.

What would you say you specialise in?
The team are all mature gamers and as a result we only cover content that is suitable for young adults and up, we're not really into 'cuddly' games. Each team member has their special interests, some are PC players while others prefer console gaming. Handhelds, mobile games or casual games don't interest us very much, we like to keep it more old school and hardcore. We also dabble in movie reviews, but they are not your usual blockbuster movies, nor are they the usual format of review.

Personality in our writing is key - anyone can deliver the news but not everyone can make it interesting to read. We are colourful characters in the real world and hopefully that comes through in what we write.

Ultimately we have no rules on what we specialise in, if we like it then others must also and the staff has total freedom to cover whatever they like in whatever manner they wish. It just has to be truthful and fun to read. If it isn't working then we bin it and move on.

What do you have planned for the future?
The traditional answer to this is probably to turn the site into a profitable business, and as nice as that would be it might impact on our integrity and independence. We really want to continue to deliver an 'indie' style of gaming news and be recognised for our credibility.

Obviously we would like to appeal to as many people as possible but if we're not for you, then we're simply not. The team is currently setting up a sister gaming site that might be a bit more commercial in nature but as far as Reaper Gaming is concerned it will always be an uncompromising, honest, witty and truthful site for readers to spend a few minutes a day on. Selfishly, we do this for ourselves as much as we do it for the readers - If you build it - they will come...