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Team Fortress 2 gets Deus Ex: Human Revolution weapons

Pre-order Human Revolution to get the edge

Deus Ex: Human Revolution guns and gadgetry will be made available to Team Fortress 2 fans when they pre-order Eidos' futuristic FPS.


If you've already pre-ordered Human Revolution then you should be able to find items such as The Machina sniper rifle and The Diamondback pistol in the in-game Mann Co. store.

There are also cosmetic items such as caps, glasses and a robotic arm built for Team Fortress 2's Soldier class.

The weapons themselves come with certain perks, of course, which are detailed on a typically amusing promo page on the Team Fortress 2 website.

It's worth nipping over there for the hilarious memo exchange between Mann Co's Saxton Hale and Bidwell. As for the key information, we've chopped it up into bite-sized screenshots for you below.

[ SOURCE: Team Fortress 2 ]