Kinect Sports 2 dated, original hits 3 million sales

Dance Central also reaches 2.5 million

Microsoft has announced a release date for Kinect Sports: Season 2, while revealing that sales of the original have hit three million copies.


Rare's sequel will launch in North America on October 25, in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand on October 27 and in Europe on October 28. A new trailer and screens for the game were released earlier this week.

Kinect software marketing director Michael Johnson told Joystiq that Kinect Sports found a larger audience in Europe than it did in the US, although the roles were reversed for Dance Central, which he says has reached 2.5 million sales.

Johnson also told CVG this week that he thinks Kinect can break records again this Christmas, with the help of big brands such as Disney and Star Wars.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]