GamesCom 2011: Your verdict

Debate: What was your best bit? Can GamesCom claim to be an E3 beater?

As the week finally draws to a close, GamesCom 2011 is now little more than a memory for gamers all over the world.


The announcements, developments and reveals that made this week such an exciting one, however, will have lasting effects. With more footage being shown from some great titles in Cologne, price-cuts aplenty and even some brand new titles being unveiled, the future of gaming has been tweaked once again.

But, what was the best thing to come out of Germany's expo for you? Perhaps it came in the Sony conference; seeing the platform holder drop the official price of it's main machine, show off more from the increasingly impressive Vita or spring an intriguing InFamous 2 spin-off on the unsuspecting audience.

Maybe you only had eyes for EA, tuning in merely to get another morsel of Battlefield 3 goodness. Or, if you're a sports fan, you might have marvelled at the white slopes of SSX or jumped at the reveal of a brand new FIFA Street.

Were you hanging around waiting to see the first of Borderlands 2, or did you award 'Best In Show' as soon as Uncharted 3 slipped you another quick peak early on in the week?

Maybe you were left a bit disappointed by GamesCom this year. Were you quietly hoping to see something concrete pointing towards GTA V, TimeSplitters 4 or Agent? Did you find yourself frustrated that Microsoft once again took a back-seat at the August expo along with Nintendo which showed little more than a tweaked Wii model.

Of course, it'll have all been on show in Cologne itself but for many it's all about what is streamed over the internet and the chunks of news that find their way on to humble sites like CVG. Which publisher, game or studio do you think dominated this week, if any?

Finally we want to know how you think GamesCom as a show stacked up to its rivals this year. We'd love to hear how you think it compared to E3, which is still thought of as the biggest gaming event of the year, but is it still necessarily the best?