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Driver: San Fracisco getting PSN digi release

"The full Blu-Ray/DVD experience" available for download "in a few weeks"

Driver: San Francisco will be getting a digital release on the PlayStation Store "in a few weeks", it has been confirmed.


Ubisoft Reflections MD Garth Edmonson told an audience at a Gamescom panel that the full disc-released game will be available for download via Sony's PSN service at an undisclosed date soon, reports Develop (via MCV).

"We are doing triple-A games you can download to the hard-drive," said Edmonson, before revealing, "Driver is released on the PlayStation Network in a few weeks, for example. That's the full Blu-Ray/DVD experience you can download."

The revelation came as he made the argument that the size of modern games is not a hindrance to the ongoing shift to digital delivery.

"I think physical media will remain very important, but I think things are going to shift," he said. "How long that will take I'm not too sure. I don't agree that the size of data will be the limiting factor, though, you can store this data on your hard drives."

Edmonson made no mention of a possible Xbox Live Games on Demand release.

Ubisoft recently relaxed its controversial Driver: San Francisco DRM following negative consumer feedback. PC gamers, it confirmed, will no longer need a persistent internet connection to play the game, although the title will still require a single online activation.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]