Deus Ex: Human Revolution review scores sneak out

Online reviews up the excitement for Friday

You've probably already seen our Deus Ex: Human Revolution review courtesy of Xbox World magazine, but if not we strongly suggest you go and have a butchers now.


Elsewhere the review scores began to emerge at 5pm yesterday and they're looking good to say the least.

Games Radar gives Deus Ex: Human Revolution full marks calling it "Intelligent, fun, challenging and beautifully realized."

OXM agrees with Games Radar's assessment, giving Human Revolution full marks (10/10).

IncGamers and 1UP also splurge all their points on the Eidos reboot.

Destructoid and Strategy Informer weren't quite so enthusiastic but still gushed over the Square Enix reboot. Both gave it 95 percent with Destructoid saying, "This game is truly deserving of the name Deus Ex. In fact, there's no other name it could have had."

Elsewhere Videogamer, IGN and Eurogamer awarded Human Revolution 90 percent.

Of course there are also the magazine review scores to consider. Have a look at yesterday's mag Deus Ex review round-up to get an overview of how well it did on paper.