Nintendo 3DS event next month - Secrets to be revealed?

Pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference leads to speculation about major announcements

Nintendo's stock has seen a sudden rise following the news that it's set to hold a 3DS-related event ahead of next month's Tokyo Game Show in Japan.


Stock soared to a high of 9.7 percent above yesterday's level, as Bloomberg pointed to a mysterious 3DS press conference on September 13 - two days ahead of TGS's kick-off date.

The announcement of the press conference perhaps boosts the creditability of a new report claiming Nintendo's set to launch redesigned 3DS hardware, complete with a second analogue stick and "radically toned down" 3D visuals.

The news follows shock worldwide price cuts for the handheld earlier this month, which resulted in a significant sales boost in North America and Japan.

The Tokyo Game Show will be held from September 15-18.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]