What is 'Saints Row: Money Shot'?

Australian classification site lists mysterious THQ title

Saints Row: Money shot has been outed by a classification report in Australia, with details and screenshots emerging online.


The classification listing is official enough and names the title along with its "strong violence and sexual references" to a degree worthy of a 15 rating.

Sex and violence is in the bank, then, that's not going anywhere. What sheds more light on Money Shot, but isn't so official, however, is a synopsis on MS Xbox World.

The Saints Row spin-off (whether it's DLC for the The Third or a whole new spin-off) is described with the following:

"You are Cypher, a deadly assassin in the world of Saints Row, and you hunt the most elusive targets with the most sophisticated weaponry that Ultor has to offer.

"How sophisticated? You have the ability to control your bullet to such a degree that you can weave through the hallway of an apartment complex, steer through the legs of a hooker, and even snake your way through a moving train! Avoid striking solid objects and unintended bystanders and make sure you hit your mark!"

The site also lists a fairly unexciting set of Achievements which total 200 - suggesting an XBLA game - and a set of screenshots, which bring a whole load more weight to that description.

Whatever it is, it looks suitably Saints Row as far as crazy is concerned. Have a look at the latest Saints Row The Third trailer and screenshots to compare.

A few of the screenshots can be found below, the rest are on MS Xbox World via the source link.

[ SOURCE: MS Xbox World ]