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Sony redesigning Home as a social games hub

"This is a giant leap in the evolution of the platform"

Sony is to redesign virtual world PlayStation Home as a social games hub.


While virtual worlds have fallen from grace since Home launched in 2008, social games are increasingly popular and Sony wants to make best use of the service's 23 million registered users.

"This is a giant leap in the evolution of the platform," Home director Jack Buser told VentureBeat. "We are going to 'up level' games as the heart of PlayStation Home. This means that Home itself is going to become a game. The first things you see when you get into Home are games."

Arriving this autumn, the updated Home will feature large-scale group games users can teleport to from The Hub, a new location set to replace the service's current central plaza area. The Hub will integrate games, quests, community events and user-generated content, in addition to traditional Home offerings like navigation, shopping, socialising and viewing entertainment.

Buser said last month that the average Home dweller is "the most hardcore gamer on the PlayStation 3", buying more games, playing more games and watching more movies than the average PS3 user.

[ SOURCE: VentureBeat ]