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Resident Evil: Revelations: Returning to its roots

Something wicked this way sails...

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A fight around a dining room's viewing gallery finally brings the elements together. Lobbing grenades at approaching monsters buys time to scan for the ammo needed to keep the horde at bay. Here, the bullet-sponge effect makes some sense. Watching creatures lurch from both directions, trapping you into a corner with just a single shotgun shell, is a great bit of choreography. The secret is in the ammo stockpile - something Capcom need to work on.

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In a show where lots of early promise came a cropper - where Super Mario isn't quite fast enough, Metal Gear isn't quite pretty enough and Kid Icarus isn't quite controllable enough - Revelations is one of the few 3DS games to emerge unscathed. Get your practice in on Mercs 3D - you're going to need it.

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