Carmack: Kinect tech 'can get 10 times better in coming years'

id big man John Carmack sees a big future in motion-control tech

id think tank John Carmack has said it's important for developer to get to grips with motion tech such as Microsoft's Kinect sensor because it's a technology that "can get 10 times better in the coming years".


Carmack applauded MS for releasing an official PC SDK (development tools) for Kinect for all those who were previously hacking the device.

"It was good of Microsoft to rush a little bit ahead of them, that wave of people hacking it for themselves, and release an official SDK," he said.

He's also optimistic of the future of this sort of motion-sensing technology. "The Kinect is a scalable technology, which I'm pretty excited about. And that technology can get ten times better in the coming years, so I think it's an important thing to be playing around with," said Carmack.

Despite his excitement, you won't be seeing Kinect support "tacked" onto id's current style of games like FPS title Rage.

"It's not something that you can tack onto an existing game," asserted Carmack. "We got asked a lot about what can we do with Kinect or the PlayStation Move with Rage, and it's like well...nothing, really. It's not that they're not good, but you just don't bolt that kind of technology on. Games are all about designing around your controls."

[ SOURCE: Tom's Guide ]