Official Modern Warfare 3 sunglasses REVEALED

Get "a visual advantage"

Think you're the most clinical CoD killing-machine ever to walk the virtual battlefield? Then why don't you have a pair of official Modern Warfare 3 shades yet?


"Because pre-orders don't begin until later this month," you say? Sounds like loser talk to us.

These CoD-branded shades come from technology eyewear manufacturer GUNNAR - in a licensed partnership with Activision - and join its "Advanced Gaming Eyewear" line.

What have they got that makes them so advanced? Son, don't make us laugh:

"Custom spring hinges, a magnesium alloy frame and wide coverage lenses, provide an ultra sharp view into the farthest ranges of your peripheral vision. Adjustable nose pads accommodate a wide range of facial features with venting details inspired by the latest technology in military machinery.

"GUNNAR's eyewear delivers style and comfort, allowing gamers to look sharp, stay focused and play longer while protecting their eyes during extended gaming sessions."

Some of the COD elite will be familiar with the new tech, of course, with GUNNAR designing a similar pair for Black Ops.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's release this November will no doubt be the event of the year and is certain to achieve a new level of action-packed, unflinching entertainment," said president of GUNNAR Optiks Rob Aarnes.

"GUNNAR has supported gamers over the years helping them to enhance their vision and protect their eyes with our expanded line of MLG, SteelSeries and Call of Duty: Black Ops edition gaming eyewear, and we're pleased to continue this with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3."

"Not only will the limited edition eyewear provide a visual advantage to gamers through those long nights of intense action, but they will be able to show their affinity for the new blockbuster and look badass while playing it."

The eyewear will be sold worldwide at a price of $99 and will include a limited edition Modern Warfare 3 carrying case and (wait for it) cleaning cloth.

The product will be sold exclusively in North America at Best Buy retail locations and at select European retailers. Pre-orders will begin in late August, available through in North America and select European countries

Add these to the £250 Modern Warfare 3 headset you're already wearing and you'll be bullet-proof.