Assassin's Creed Revelations: The end of the line for Ezio and Alta´r

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"We call one of them the Money Bomb." Explains Amancio. "You replace the shrapnel in it with gold coins, so when you throw that bomb it rains money. So all the citizens will swamp the area, and if guards are trying to get through to you they'll find a little bit of havoc in the crowd! There's also the blood bomb - which you fill with animal blood. You throw it on an NPC and when it blows up it spatters everyone with blood and creates panic. People tend to run away..."

The sheer range of explosive chuck-ables in Revelations is astounding - there's at least 200 variants, and their creation will come through experimentation. You'll throw together concoctions made from the shell casings, ingredients and the explosives you come across as you explore. Break into the arsenal or armoury in Constantinople, for example, and you'll no doubt come across the most powerful explosives in the game - pop past the Butchers and you'll be able to swipe a bucket of blood.


The hunt for attention-seeking or death-bringing bomb materials, meanwhile, also ties into the wider framework of your personal assassination cartel. "We have what we call Mediterranean gameplay, where you and your assassins are vying for control of the Mediterranean city by city," adds Amancio, as he explains how Revelations will build on Brotherhood's Borgia Towers with a new brand of Assassin Dens.

"You send your assassins on missions, but this time you can take possession of cities - that will yield different types of rewards."

A primary aim of Revelations is to get back to Assassin's Creed 2's larger spread of locations, and as you'll be building up Dens in most of them, hiring assassins as if sinister, hooded figures were going out of fashion.

They'll be a far more rounded bunch this time too - more customisable, able to level up to 15 rather than the previous weakling 10 and liable to ask you to come on missions with them so they don't get lonely. You can leave them, and perhaps a big burly Master Assassin, to protect your Dens - but you still might want to get your hands dirty occasionally to stop your assets being seized. Losing one of your pads means you won't be able to upgrade local shops, the area will be packed with Byzantine types and your lovingly constructed zip-lines won't be so easy-access.

Unlike so many other games, every Assassin's Creed has been significantly better than the last - and Revelations isn't going to buck that trend. Its ideas, its scope and the sheer amount of gameplay it wants to feed your console is mind-boggling. Alta´r and Ezio might be doing the run-up for one last plunge from Ubisoft's towering fortress, but it won't be the last we hear from their kind...

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