Steam offers From Dust refunds

Ubisoft reportedly authorises refunds following DRM "misunderstanding"

Valve has reportedly begun offering refunds to customers who purchased From Dust following complaints over publisher Ubisoft's online DRM.


According to Rock Paper Shotgun, customers were originally informed that the god game would only require a one-off online activation, before Ubisoft changed its mind and started demanding an always active internet connection to launch the title.

Ubisoft subsequently apologised for the "misunderstanding" by announcing plans to launch a patch for the game that that will remove online authentication DRM entirely, but it now appears to have gone a step further by asking Steam to offer refunds. If true, it's a big move by Steam, which doesn't usually offer refunds unless they're requested prior to a game's release.

A couple of readers forwarded emails from Steam to RPS. They read: "Ubisoft has just announced that they are working on a patch that will eliminate the need for any online authentication for From Dust. The patch will release in approximately two weeks. If you don't want to wait for the patch or if you haven't played the game, per Ubisoft's request, we will issue refunds for this title. If you would still like your purchase of From Dust refunded, please reply to this ticket."

[ SOURCE: Rock Paper Shotgun ]