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In the city he's manipulated by Fontaine, who is posing as Atlas, a rebellion leader. Jack ultimately fi nds Ryan, who uses the "Would you kindly" phrase to make Jack kill him, stating, "A man chooses. A slave obeys". Jack then breaks free from his conditioning and kills Fontaine.

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Platform: PS2
Garcian Smith, an assassin, is the only person who can communicate with seven personalities - the Killer 7 - formed by himself, six other assassins and Harman Smith, a demi-god reincarnated as a man in a wheelchair.

Harman and another deity, Kun Lan, represent an endless fight between good and evil. This time, Kun Lan is the leader of a group called Heaven Smile, using his 'God Hand' to turn people into bombs.

While battling the Smiles, Garcian discovers he's a reincarnation of Emir Parkreiner, the star pupil of a government-funded assassin school, who killed the real Killer 7 as a teenager. Tormented, Emir kills the current forms of both gods.

Years later he meets the leader of the Japanese National Party and must decide whether to kill him (destroying Japan) or let him live (destroying America).

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Platforms: PS2, PSP, PS3
In 1964, Naked Snake becomes Big Boss after killing his defected mentor, the Boss. He discovers her betrayal was faked to get The Philosopher's Legacy, a secret world government's $100 billion fund.

In 1970, the American branch of The Philosophers recover part of the Legacy, becoming The Patriots. Soon after, Big Boss is secretly cloned. In 1995, one clone, Solid Snake, battles a rogue Big Boss, defeating him on two separate occasions and apparently killing him.

In 2005, a second clone, Liquid, steals a Metal Gear and demands Big Boss' remains but is killed by Solid. In 2009, The Patriots engineer a terrorist attack to train Raiden as the next Big Boss.

Later, AIs created by The Patriots take control of the world by manipulating global confl icts. In 2014, Solid's enemy, Revolver Ocelot, reveals he has hypnotised himself to become Liquid to distract the AIs so he can destroy and replace them to become the dominant global power. Snake kills him, freeing the world.

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Platforms: PS3
The super-powerful baddie Kessler is actually the hero Cole from the future, where a monster called The Beast is systematically wiping out all life. Future-Cole developed superpowers naturally but didn't become a hero, instead devoting his life to his wife Trish (his girlfriend in the past) and children. As The Beast systematically destroys the world, future-Cole and his family run. The Beast finally catches them and murders future-Cole's family.

Grief stricken, future-Cole uses his powers to travel back in time and prepare past-Cole, moulding him into an entity powerful enough to fight The Beast. Kessler takes control of a cult called the First Sons and creates the Ray Sphere to give past-Cole superpowers earlier, in the hope he'll become more powerful.

Kessler also kills Trish, so that past-Cole won't have the same emotional attachments that prevented future-Cole confronting The Beast. Past-Cole fi nally confronts Kessler, who tells him to be ready for The Beast, before dying.

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Platform: PS1
Dahlia Gillespie, a member of an occult group called The Order, uses her daughter, Alyssa, as a vessel to birth their god in a horrifi c ritual that involves burning Alyssa alive.

Before the god can be born, a trucker called Travis disrupts the ceremony and a fragment of Alyssa's soul escapes, to be reborn as Cheryl, a baby adopted by Harry Mason.

Without a complete soul, the god cannot be born so Dahlia channels Alyssa's pain into calling the soul fragment back. When Cheryl returns, she activates Alyssa's psychic abilities, plunging the town into a nightmarish alternate world. With a complete soul, the god is born.

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