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Harry defeats it and Alyssa gives him a baby containing the fused soul. The child is Heather, who then battles The Order again in Silent Hill 3.

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Platform: PC, PS2
During the mid 1940s, a group of criminals meet in the French Foreign Legion. In 1955 they leave and form a loose crime organisation. One of the group, Dr Ort-Meyer, sets up a mental asylum as a front for genetic experiments.

The research is funded by the group, who receive organs harvested from cloned bodies to extend their lifespans. Ort-Meyer's real goal, however, is to use his associates' DNA to create an army of super soldiers. When Ort-Meyer suspects his partners want to steal his work, he releases his best clone from batch 47.

Agent '47' becomes a hitman and is hired to kill Ort-Meyer's rivals. His final mission turns out to be a trap at the asylum. After killing an army of number 48 clones, he kills his 'dad', leaving him free to double-tap his way around the globe.

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