First F1 2011 game review lands - 8/10 in OPM

Codies racer "deserves to be played"

The first F1 2011 game review has landed via the pages of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, which awards the Codemasters racer an 8/10 score.


OPM calls F1 2011 "a game about appreciation for the sport" that'll "change the way you watch the Sunday affo Grand Prix," while noting that it's still an "unforgiving and newbie-unfriendly" racer.

It concludes: "There's no easy solution here, but one needs to be found. The road into F1 2012 needs to be smoother than the one into 2011 because the game deserves to be played."

F1 2011 is out on September 23 and the latest gameplay video landed earlier this week.

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