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999 sequel confirmed for Vita, 3DS

Developer Chun Soft working on its next 'extreme escape' thriller

3DS and future Vita owners are in for a treat when Chun Soft unleashes its next project - a semi-sequel to its awesome DS thriller, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.


Details on the new game are scant, but we do have the Japanese title: Gyokugen Dasshutsu Adv: Zennin Shiboudes. While it's reported that the game won't be a direct sequel to 999, it does partially share its Japanese title with the DS original, which was called Gyokugen Dasshutsu: Ku Jikan, Ku Nin, Kyu no Tobira.

The common segment in those, 'Gyokugen Dasshutsu', apparently means 'extreme escape' (via Joystiq) so at least we know the sequel, direct or not, will carry a similar theme.

Although 999 is yet to be given a UK release, the game came highly recommended by our friends at NGamer magazine, who gave it a thumbs-up 8.6 score in this import review. Check it out.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]