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New Wii to cost as little as £79.99

Retailers expected to offer system for an all-time low this Christmas

The new Wii model won't come with a reduced trade price, but UK retailers are expected to cut the cost of the system to under £80 in order to boost holiday season sales.


A new Wii hardware price and Mario Kart bundle caused a sales uplift in May, and leading retailers have told MCV they want to repeat the trick this Christmas, even if a sub-£80 price is only a temporary promotion.

"The trade price will be similar to previous Wii bundles," a Nintendo spokesperson said. "At this stage in the console's lifecycle we want to offer potential customers good value bundles that include 'must have' games that family and friends can play together."

Announced last week, the new Wii model lies horizontally and ditches GameCube support. Dubbed the 'Wii Family Edition', the new SKU comes as part of a value pack containing Wii Party and Wii Sports.